Josh Emett

Josh Emett

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Are you looking to elevate your cooking skills and make better meals? Josh will show in simple steps how to make his tried and tested recipes. After the success of  Josh’s Instagram recipes and videos, let Josh inspire and guide you in the kitchen with an abundance of recipes, guides and YouTube videos so you can start becoming a better cook today.

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Become a better cook with Josh Emett
Josh Emett

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Josh boasts a 30-year career, having mastered his craft under Gordon Ramsay in esteemed kitchens worldwide (London, New York, LA, Melbourne). He rose to fame in New Zealand as a MasterChef NZ judge. 

Josh Emett’s culinary ventures now span across Auckland and Waiheke Island, offering innovative New Zealand cuisine at Onslow, coastal luxury at The Oyster Inn, and contemporary European fare at Gilt Brasserie.

Gilt Brasserie

Gilt Brasserie is an all-day, inner-city brasserie serving contemporary European fare with local charm from the heart of Auckland’s historic district in the 100-year-old Chancery Chambers building.


Onslow is a contemporary dining destination in Auckland, renowned for its innovative New Zealand cuisine that focuses on seasonality and premium ingredients, all served in an elegant setting.

The Oyster Inn

The Oyster Inn on Waiheke Island is a charming coastal Bistro offering a taste of island luxury, featuring the freshest seafood and local produce celebrated for its seasonality and quality.